Battery Shipment Update

First batch expected to arrive first week of May

48v100ah (sold out) and 36v100ah 95% sold out

Second batch the 2nd to 3rd week in May.

48v100ah, 48v150ah & 72v100v  50% available

Third batch expected  3rd to 4th week in May

48v100ah,48v150ah,72v100ah     100% available


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Zip Into The Future with Extreme LiFePo4 Batteries

Give Your Cart New Life

Zero Maintenance, Exclusive 5 Year Warranty

Got my new battery and can’t begin to say how excited I am with it! Removed a ton of weight from my cart was super easy to install, gets a full charge in 2 hours or less, and Blake was there to answer any questions (some were well after hours too, sorry Blake lol) Its finally giving the torque and speed I was looking for! Shout out to Blake Sherrouse and the guys from Extreme Team, I’m super happy with it, was worth the wait and excellent customer service! You guys rock!   – Martha

We, here at Extreme Team Carts & Accessories, are excited about our products. We feature the new LiFePo4 Battery, which will lighten up the load on your cart. It has a longer cycle life & will last last for 10+ years. We have 48v/100a (our Evolution series), 36v/100a (Endurance series) and we offer Custom Batteries – 48v/60a, 48v/150a, 48v/200a, 72v/100a, 72v/150a, & 72v/200a. A major upgrade to replace your lead-acid battery bank in your electric cart. Drop-in Ready. It’s powerful, rugged, and is maintenance-free – no corrosion and no water to check/fill.

WE have Lift Kits, DC to AC Conversion Kits, Street Body Kits, as well as other cart accessories to give your cart an upgrade.

Our Battery Packs Comparison Page

NEW - Custom Order lifepo4 batteries - 48v/60ah, 48v/150ah, 48v/200ah, 72v/100ah, 72v/150ah, 72v/200ah (allow 6-8 weeks delivery)

Custom Battery

This is our 48v 150ah Custom Battery

Custom-ordered batteries

All of our batteries now feature the excellence of the Daly BMS

Battery Management System

Our batteries have a Bluetooth function for SOC, Single cell voltage levels, battery current and much more! 

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